Unexpected Ways Exporta Global Can Make Your Life Better

Here at Exporta Global , we were asked if our lattice bottomed Euro Containers were more powerful than ordinary euro containers. Shipping and receiving regions of any retailer or industrial setting would be an perfect place for using these containers. Likewise task-focussed are our Euro-standard Confectionery Trays and ventilated Bale Arm Containers , each of which are utilized for the storage and supply of particular food products.

The stackable Euro Box , for instance, is offered in 3 sizes/capacities and, without any sharp edges, promotes safe handling and minimises managing risks. Grocery stores and other retailers may make use of these containers together with Euro pallets for storing goods. Our experts in storage will be delighted to chat you via these lidded, ESD or open euro containers to assist you to get the plastic box which is appropriate for your exacting needs.

Aimed mostly at the electronics businesses, these ESD euro containers are built to the same exacting footprint of the industry leading lattice bottomed euro containers (the most powerful euro containers in the marketplace). In contrast, our Folding Euro Container folds flat when not in use to minimise storage and transportation costs and, like most of our Euro containers, is impervious to moisture and many acids and alkalis.

From the automotive industry to groceries and clothing, these containers provide a secure foundation. The straight sided design gives maximum storage capability and enables the trays to be stacked securely together or with lids, without effecting the contents of this container. The design also helps to keep a constant product temperature during transit and storage and hence that the containers are excellent for fridges and freezers.

When you look in the normally grey storage boxes, commonly called Euro Containers or Euro Stacking Containers, they do not seem like the very exciting things in the world. With every company turning over the countless this is expected to be a huge order for one of the large plastic container manufacturers. Highly durable heavy duty Euro Container (Euro Stacking Container) vinyl box which has a 41.9L capacity.

The Euro Box Kits are available in 3 widths ( 915 , 1220 and 1525 mm) and an assortment of Euro Box combinations. When you pair this with our   F-Crate, Bail Arm Crate and Picker Crate goods we consider this places us in the forefront of the food container market and enriches farther our Euro Container range. To talk to anybody about our new Euro storage boxes , or indeed any of your plastic box needs then please telephone us on 0800 294 4 394 or talk online.

Likewise adaptable are our Euro Box Kits in which we unite BiG series shelving with custom-fitting Euro Containers at a fantastic value price. The Ventilated Euro Stacking Containers are likewise impervious to moisture and also plastic pallets for sale benefit from a ventilated construction. Please note these containers are brand-new and un-used, ensuring you get consistently top quality trays to supply on-going service.

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